New Category: iPhone 5!

Yep, It’s here! Almost 50 wallpapers made specifically for the iPhone 5!

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New “Category:” Featured

It’s been awhile since the lat update, and while this one isn’t major, there are some awesome wallpapers here in te new Featured category.

It exists because I am too lazy to categorise the wallpapers.

It’s located here!

New Category: Desktop

That’s right folks! I’ve uploaded a few desktop wallpapers for your Mac (up to a retina MBP resolution for the moment) for your enjoyment!

Have fun, they’re all located here!

Updated: Galaxies

It’s been awhile, so I updated both the galaxies and iPad sections. Here’s a preview, and enjoy!


Click for More Screen Detail
Click for More Screen Detail

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Well, if you browse a lot on your iPhone (and chances are, you do), then the experience just it a whole lot better.

You can now browse both this website and the tech blog, in full screen from a dedicated home screen icon.

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New Category: Vanishing Point Focus

More amazing wallpapers! Check them out here!


New Category: Wood

Check them out in /wood!


New Catagory: Linen!

We’ve just added a whole slew of 50 new wallpapers! Check them out on the linen page!


New Catagory: Grunge!

Check them out in /grunge, or for the iPad versions in /iPad!


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